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Sefca is an Australian company that specialises in the use of Fuel Cells to provide power support for a range of applications including power backup and prime power. The company, which was formed in 2007, has offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Fuel Cells generate power via an electrochemical process that is inherently efficient and very reliable. Fuel Cells are a green source of energy. They provide a method of effectively storing renewable energy sources (such as solar or wind) for later use when required.

On-site hydrogen production

Extremely low maintenance

Self-fuelling though rain water collection for hydrogen production

  • Sefca was the first company to implement commercial backup power solutions using compressed hydrogen fuel cells
  • Sefca is the only company in Australia to have provided more than 80 fuel cells for commercial use
  • Sefca was the first company in the world to develop and implement a self-refuelling fuel cell using solar power as the prime energy source. (Bottled Sunshine)
  • Sefca was the first company in the world to use solar power to directly electrolyse water into hydrogen for commercial use
  • Sefca was the first company to deliver solutions based on methanol fuel for hybrid solar/ fuel cell commercial solutions
  • Sefca was the first company to demonstrate the viability for distributed power generation through the use of a Fuel Cell when we jointly developed the solution with Ergon Energy in 2007

Fuel Cells work by passing Hydrogen across a special membrane in a Fuel Cell Stack. A catalyst on the anode side causes the hydrogen to split into hydrogen ions (protons) and electrons.

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells deliver reliable, invisible and quiet power for remote measurement, monitoring and surveillance applications. The EFOY Pro will produce power in any weather, climate or season, from desert to the Antarctic.

Sefca "Bottled Sunshine" is the first self-recharging fuel cell system powered by renewables energy. All Fuel Cells use hydrogen to produce energy, but the problem has been – how to source the hydrogen.

ActaPower Cube is a simple to implement "out of the box" Fuel Cell solution. The system comes complete with all of the accessories required for a fully functioning system.

The ActaPower HT series is customizable and available in various configurations of Electrolyser, Fuel Cell power and hydrogen storage. We work with you to determine the best combination for your project.

ReliOn Fuel Cells offer all the advantages of Fuel Cells – high reliability, easy maintenance, few moving parts – but also are highly scalable.

Sefca believes that a key component of the hydrogen economy will soon be the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). Several major car manufacturers, including Hyundai, Honda and Toyota are scheduled to shortly release an FCEV vehicle.

One of the key components for the Hydrogen Economy is the inexpensive and convenient generation of hydrogen. Sefca supplies Acta hydrogen electrolysers of varying capacities, ranging from 100 litres/hr to 1,000 litres/hr.

For further information on Fuel Cells and alternative energy sources please contact us.

At a glance

Portable Fuel Cell 45-110w Methanol EFOY
Backup Power Fuel Cell 200w-10kw Hydrogen ACTA / Sefca Bottled Sunshine / ReliOn
Hydrogen Generation   Solar/ Wind/ Grid ACTA
(FCEV) Refueller   Solar/ Wind/ Grid ACTA / Sefca RHRefueller