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Backup Power

Fuel Cells are ideally suited for power backup applications. Their features include:

  • Extremely reliable. They always turn on and supply power when it is required.
  • Load following. Supply just the amount of power that is required and so only consume the fuel that is necessary.
  • Ideally suited to hybrid applications. Easily interface with alternative energy sources such as solar and wind.
  • Only run when needed so no fuel is wasted.
  • Long power autonomy. Our Bottled Sunshine system is even self-fuelling!

Every application is unique and requires careful consideration. We have a range of product implementations to provide you with reliable power. Please contact us and we will gladly discuss your project requirements to recommend the best solution.

Sefca "Bottled Sunshine" is the first self-recharging fuel cell system powered by renewables energy.

ActaPower Cube is a simple to implement "out of the box" Fuel Cell solution.

The ActaPower HT series is customizable and available in various configurations of Electrolyser, Fuel Cell power and hydrogen storage.

ReliOn Fuel Cells offer high reliability, easy maintenance and are highly scalable.