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ReliOn Fuel Cells offer all the advantages of Fuel Cells – high reliability, easy maintenance, few moving parts – but also are highly scalable.

Buy the Fuel Cell that most closely matches your power requirement, and then as requirements increase, add further Fuel Cells which can be linked together to handle larger power requirements. Loads can range from 100 watts to 20,000 watts.

ReliOn's patented modular, fault-tolerant architecture affordably provide thousands of hours of runtime and many years of service for critical equipment. The architecture includes self-hydration, air cooling and low pressure operation. Modularity, fault-tolerance and scalability combine to provide a highly reliable, cost-effective product suite. The “x” series products offer extended runtime of greater than 10,000 hours.


Power Range



100W – 600W

5,000+hrs; 10 years


600W – 4kW

10,000+hrs; 10 years


600W – 4.4kW

5,000+hrs; 10 years


1kW – 17.5kW

10,000+hrs; 10 years


1.5kW – 20kW

5,000+hrs; 10 years

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