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Bottled Sunshine ActaPower HT

The HT series is customizable and available in various configurations of Electrolyser, Fuel Cell power and hydrogen storage. We work with you to determine the best combination for your project.



Electrolyser EL500

Produces 500 NL per hour @ 2.4kW
Can be powered from Solar, Wind or Grid

Electrolyser EL1000

Produces 1000 NL per hour @ 4.8kW
Can be powered from Solar, Wind or Grid

Fuel Cell 2500

2,500W output @ 24 or 48 VDC

Fuel Cell 5000

5,000W output @ 24 or 48 VDC

Hydrogen Tank

600 litre = 28kWhr of power storage
1000 litre = 46kWhr of power storage
Additional tanks can easily be installed to provide extended autonomy

Download ActaPower HT brochure


Wireless Telecommunications

  • 3G & 4G wireless
  • WiMax, Remote radio heads
  • Backhaul applications – Microwave & Fibre

Wireline Telecommunications

  • FTTx, Broadband DLC, Exchanges


  • Radio repeaters, disaster response, surveillance, microwave

Transportation Network

  • Railroad signalling, traffic signage, flight guidance
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