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ActaPower Cube

Download ActaPower Cube brochure

ActaPower Cube is a simple to implement "out of the box" Fuel Cell solution. The system comes complete with all of the accessories required for a fully functioning system.
The system Includes:

  • Fuel Cell Power Output: 200W – 1100W
  • Hydrogen Generator (Electrolyser): 100 L/hr or 250 L/hr
  • Hydrogen Storage Tanks: 50L – 200L
  • Water Tank: 30L or 50L


Wireless Telecommunications

  • 3G & 4G wireless
  • WiMax, Remote radio heads
  • Backhaul applications – Microwave & Fibre

Wireline Telecommunications

  • FTTx, Broadband DLC, Exchanges


  • Radio repeaters, disaster response, surveillance, microwave

Transportation Network

  • Railroad signalling, traffic signage, flight guidance
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