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"Bottled Sunshine" Fuel Cells

Sefca "Bottled Sunshine" is the first self-recharging fuel cell system powered by renewables energy. All Fuel Cells use hydrogen to produce energy, but the problem has been – how to source the hydrogen. Sefca, with our partner Acta (Italy) have solved this problem by automatically producing the hydrogen onsite from sunshine. We produce hydrogen from water via an electrolyser which can be powered from a solar array. Therefore we turn sunlight into hydrogen – effectively "bottling" the sunshine and storing the energy for later use. This is a totally Green solution: the inputs are water and sunlight and the "exhaust" is water vapour.

The system is ideally suited to remote installations where it runs virtually maintenance free and doesn't require refuelling. Water for electrolysis can be provided by rain water or from an on-board dehumidifier which harvests water from the air.

The system has maximum power flexibility – both input and output.

  • The Electrolyser uniquely tracks the amount of energy available to it and produces hydrogen proportionately. So an EL500, which nominally has a 2400W input to produce 500 litres per hour, will produce 250 L/h if only 1200W is available (from the solar panels). The electrolyser continues to produce hydrogen down to 100W of input power.
  • The Fuel Cell automatically tracks the load and so only provides as much power as the load draws. And the FC only consumes as much hydrogen as the load requires, irrespective of the capacity of the FC. So a Fuel Cell providing 1000W consumes half the hydrogen of a FC providing 2000W.

The Bottled Sunshine Fuel Cell system is available in a number of configurations depending on the requirements.


  • SBS Installation

    Sefca Bottled Sunshine Installation

  • Electrolyser tracking available

    Electrolyser tracking available power from Solar Array. Production dynamically varies as available power changes with cloud cover through the day.

  • ActaPower HT4
  • Bottled Sunshine explained

    Bottled Sunshine explained


ActaPower Cube 200W-1100W Self-contained Fuel Cell incorporating electrolyser, various hydrogen storage options and various output power capacity ideal for hybrid solar projects
ActaPower HT 2.5kW – 10kW FC