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EFOY Methanol Fuel Cells

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells deliver reliable, invisible and quiet power for remote measurement, monitoring and surveillance applications. The EFOY Pro will produce power in any weather, climate or season, from desert to the Antarctic.

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells use methanol to supply maintenance free Off-grid power for several months without any user intervention. Ten litres of methanol, weighing 8.4kg, generates 11kW hours of power. The EFOY Pro weighs just 9kg, so is a portable remote power solution that can be installed in a multitude of locations.

Hybrid Applications

EFOY Pro Fuel Cells work seamlessly in hybrid (solar or wind) applications. Connection couldn't be easier, simply connect the EFOY Pro across the battery – and that's it! The EFOY Pro will monitor the battery voltage and if it starts to drop (because there isn't enough solar radiation) then the Fuel Cell will automatically start and provide power until the sun starts shining again.  This provides 100% up-time even during winter or very cloudy periods. And fuel is only used when the EFOY Pro is actually providing power, so no fuel is wasted and autonomy is extended.


M10 CartridgeEFOY Fuel Cartridge

EFOY fuel cartridges are safety tested and certified by the TUEV Germany. They were specifically developed for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges can be exchanged in seconds. It is a simple and clean process.

EFOY fuel cartridges for industrial applications are available in 5 litre, 10 litre and 28 litre cartridges. Sefca stocks 10 litre (M10) cartridges in Sydney for next day despatch. If you have a higher demand for autonomy, simply connect two cartridges to one fuel cell using the DuoCartSwitch.

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EFOY Pro Models
SEFCA-EFOY Data Acquisition
Stationary Surveillance
Remote sensor applications

Energy Products for Industrial Applications

Fuel cell technology
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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EFOY Accessories

interface adapter 0Interface Adapter

Interface Adapter enables the connection of an EFOY Pro Fuel Cell to a computer for remote monitoring and adjustment of parameters.

duocartswitch 0DuoCartSwitch

DuoCartSwitch doubles the autonomy of a system by allowing two fuel cartridges to be connected. If used with a EFOY Duo, then 4 cartridges can be connected to a single EFOY Pro Fuel Cell.

When a DuoCartSwitch is used, the first cartridge is fully emptied before the second one is started and a message can be sent to advise that the switch-over has occurred. This also ensures that cartridges are completely empty before they are replaced.


The Sefca Secure Enclosure is a weatherproof enclosure designed to accommodate an EFOY Pro together with battery (supplied separately), controller and either one (SefcaSE1) or two (SefcaSE2) M10 fuel cartridges.